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Odds of winning by betting on European roulette

The overall casino dominance for European roulette is 2.7%, which is almost twice lower than in American roulette, where the presence of the double-zero sector automatically increases the casino dominance to 5.26%.

However, it should not be mistakenly assumed that the chances of winning in European roulette are much higher, as this is not the case, it all depends on the variant of bets chosen by the player. The following table shows the winning probability of all bets in European roulette.

Betting systems for European roulette

Roulette Strategy

As in European roulette as in any other variant of this game of chance very little depends on the player himself, it is absolutely impossible to work out a universal strategy that guarantees a win in every case. However, there are dozens or hundreds of various betting systems for European roulette, which supposedly guarantee the possibility to play roulette with a profit. In reality all these betting systems sooner or later lead to loss, that is why it is not recommended to use them for playing European roulette (especially considering that many roulette betting systems are not free).

The oldest and most widespread European roulette betting strategy still in use today is the Martingeil system or bet doubling system, which assumes doubling of bets in case of a loss. The history of the Martingeil system is almost as old as the history of roulette and many gambling professionals have proven its inconsistency many times, but still today players try to use the Martingeil strategy to win in European roulette casino. Neither the Martingeil strategy, nor other systems based on the same principle are not able to compensate for the great dominance of the casino which is guaranteed by the presence of additional zero sectors (and double zero in American roulette), in the long period of time the prize will anyway be received by the casino and not by the participant who follows such a betting system.

European roulette – summary and strategy of the game online

European Roulette

One more betting strategy used in European roulette as well as in other gambling games is the strategy of continuous betting based on perhaps the biggest and most widespread illusion of gambling fans. This strategy is built on the players’ certainty that if any sector does not fall for a long time, the chances increase that in this sector the roulette ball will stop in the next round. The strategy of continuous betting assumes that each roulette round is not independent and the series of results determined in European roulette is “balanced” by the opposite results. For example, if the ball lands on the red sector during several bets in a row, the chances increase that in another round it will land on black. In reality, each round in European roulette is an absolutely independent game and the results of the rounds do not influence each other, which is determined not by the laws of the particular casino, but by the strict theory of probabilities.