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Betting strategy in American roulette

Roulette is one of the simplest variants from the point of view of rules. Usually, the simpler the game, the greater the casino’s dominance, and American roulette is no exception. If you want to win a big prize and you usually rely on your experience, logic and knowledge, American roulette is probably not for you. In addition, you can also win a large sum in American roulette, it is only important to follow a certain betting strategy.

There are many roulette betting systems, the efficiency of which in most cases is unproven and may even be questionable. Therefore, when choosing your own strategy for playing American roulette, you should first of all be guided not by a few betting systems, but by a simple table based on a mathematical calculation of the winning chances.

Basic principles of American roulette game strategy

American Roulette Online Strategy

Starting to play American roulette and aiming to profit from the game, try to follow the basic principles:

Choose outside bets or bets on even odds with 1:1 payout, or bets on dozens with 2:1 payout.

Never place inside bets, although the payouts for such bets are larger and can reach 35 to 1 odds, the chances in case with inside bets are minimal and, accordingly, it is not profitable to play using them.

In no case make bets that automatically increase the large casino dominance. In the case of American roulette is the variant of betting on the double zero combination: 0-00-1-2-3, the casino’s predominance is 7.89%.

Do not use several betting systems in order to get a guaranteed win in the game of American roulette. As the basis of the roulette principle is chance, it is impossible to guarantee the stop of the ball in this or that sector, and this means that the game of American roulette does not adhere to any systems. The only thing that can be used as a guide is the above table of winning probabilities with this or that bet.

Control the duration of the winning and losing series. Also stop in case you have won several times in a row (in this case you at least leave the casino with a prize) and in case the number of losses increases. If the luck in American roulette has abandoned you, do not try to radically change the course of the game, it is impossible to do so in roulette.

American roulette – summary and online game strategy

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Briefly, the strategy of choosing bets for American roulette can be formulated by one rule: make such variants of bets with maximum probability of winning (in general, these are bets outside the odds black/red, even/odd, small/large and ignore bets with minimum probability of winning. Naturally, the lower the probability of winning on any bet, the higher the payouts in case of a win, but if you intend to profit from playing American roulette, choose safe variants.