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eSports are increasingly present in the main bookmakers, so keep an eye out and find out how to have fun betting on League of Legends

League of Legends has become a fever all over the world and, of course, it’s no different. A game that is free to download and offers multiplatform experiences. All this draws attention, besides being fun. Gradually the game also gained space in competitions and began to be seen as a possibility of betting on major sites in the industry.

Types of bets in League of Legends

It is important to know that in the game there are not as many options as in sports, in which there are not many limitations of space or actions, mainly. In electronic games the scenarios are already more direct. For this reason, this can be a key to focus on the main objectives that are proposed. This does not diminish the intensity and emotion of following the matches, only a different way to bet is found.

Thus, what we find is an adaptation of markets already known by gamblers. We will show you a little more about each one of them and their particularities, so that you can get used to them. Pay attention to the forms and check if your bookmaker of choice offers all these types. Depending on the site, some may be unavailable due to the complexity or lack of adhesion of players.


League of Legends

This is the most common type found in online bookmakers and is sure to be available on all sites offering eSports. The main basis in this case will always be to define the winner of the confrontation, without needing to fix the score or anything else. So after the odds analysis, the bettor chooses which team will take advantage at the end of all stages and starts to hope that the chosen result can occur.

If you are betting on big events like the World Championship, it is quite common that the odds of victory are very close, without a very large distance of odds that separate the two teams. A good idea is to analyse the statistics and try to be aware of the styles of play proposed by both teams to be able to make a more accurate guess.

If you are not already in the habit of doing so, visit websites that provide these statistics so that you can be very well prepared to observe the most recent records, as well as the direct confrontations. Yes, rivalries are created between teams that play against each other in eSports.

Total of maps

betting on League of Legends

LoL has stages on different maps. This conditions another type of bet that can be made. Observing the website, we could find this variation, called total maps. This type of bet is already wider and offers more possibilities, therefore being more risky. The bettor will need to analyse even more coldly, in order to have a more complete picture of what is going to happen.

If you have the option of betting on Map Total up or down, you need to note what the limit is for you to win or lose a bet. In this case, you can find scenarios with 2.5 up and down or 3.5 up and down. So if you choose the option below 3.5 it is because you believe that the game will end at most 2-1 for one side or the other.

When there is balance between the teams, this way becomes even more difficult, because there can be more variations. That is why it is necessary to know each of the teams that face each other.

There are teams that have the characteristic of winning all the maps. These, for example, can condition you to have a good final choice. This way, it is easier to bet below.